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Database Management


Toad is simply the best solution for database professionals, combining the deepest level of functionality available with specialized editions built for your job function. It ensures efficient and accurate code development and simplified administration.


Toad became the perfect tool for multi purpose tasks. It is useful in the area of database development, optimization, database administration, It is made for both amateurs and professionals. It is the most widely-used tool of its kind on the market.Toad is available in a variety of editions to meet the unique needs of your job function


Toad for Oracle


Toad for Oracle is a productivity toolset that provides efficient and accurate development and administration to Oracle database

Toad for IBM DB2


Toad for IBM DB2 enables you to perform daily DB2 LUW and z/OS development and administration tasks

Toad for SAP solutions


Toad for SAP Solutions provides an intelligent and systematic way to manage your database

Toad for SQL Server


Toad® for SQL Server is a productivity toolset for SQL Server administration, performance tuning, and development


Toad for Hadoop


you can easily manage queries and data between Oracle and Hadoop

Toad for Data Modeler


Powerful, cross-platform database modeling

Toad for Data Point


Access and integrate all your data with ease, automate reporting, and share analytics with your team

Toad intelligence central


he Toad Intelligence Central software tool gains up to 40% time savings tool for data analysts through simplified data preparation and provisioning



Database Replication


Shareplex is heterogeneous database replication for on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments Achieve high availability, scalability and data integration through real-time database replication across on-premises, cloud or hybrid databases. Take advantage of emerging, open source or streaming databases with zero impact to mission-critical applications on Oracle or SQL Server databases.

SharePlex database replication empowers your organization to achieve its database goals now and into the future. Make use of built-in monitoring, conflict resolution, data comparison and synchronization capabilities backed by award-winning support.

SharePlex provides Oracle and SQL Server database replication to the following target platforms — and more


Shareplex for Oracle

Use SharePlex for Oracle to replicate data from Oracle to Oracle with ZeroIMPACT. You’ll easily achieve high availability, scalability and data integration

Shareplex for SQL Server


Use Shareplex for SQL Server to ensure business continuity through increased scalability, maximized availability and near real-time data integration

Shareplex for Postgres


Use SharePlex for Postgres to easily replicate data to Postgres open-source
relational database with zero impact and near-zero downtime to your operational databases

Shareplex for SAP HANA


Use SharePlex for SAP HANA for near zero downtime migrations and peace of mind



DB Performance & Monitoring


Foglight for cross platform databases


Get the best performance from your Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2 databases. Control your environment from a single, intuitive interface with this powerful, multi-platform support tool.



Microsoft SQL Server