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Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring


Monitor, manage and resolve performance issues Across your infrastructure Go beyond application Performance monitoring with Foglight to quickly identify and resolve performance issues across your applications, databases and virtual environments. Our Foglight family of products easily integrates with your existing tools, so you can monitor and analyze data from almost any source across your infrastructure and view it through a single interface with our customizable, unified monitoring platform. And with our fully customizable dashboards, you’re able to zero in on what matters most to your organization and view data in ways that are relevant to your business, giving you the visibility you need without killing productivity





Infrastructure performance monitoring


Take the complexity out of monitoring operating systems and simplify the process with a unified solution that allows you to visualize core physical and virtual metrics, and gain deep insight into memory, CPU and I/O processes

Storage performance and utilization management


Gain a holistic view of storage performance and utilization through the virtualization layer to the physical disk spindle

Application performance monitoring


Proactively ensure a more positive application user experience. With the Foglight suite of application monitoring tools, you can pinpoint the root cause of incidents and quickly respond

Database monitoring


Adopt a solution that provides simplified, consistent performance monitoring and management across heterogeneous database platforms in order to reduce administrative costs and improve service levels.