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Endpoint Systems Management

Your precious IT resources and budget shouldn’t be held hostage to manual software management tasks, multiple point solutions that leave critical gaps, or overly complex and expensive software suites. Our easy-to-use, fast-to-implement appliances provide comprehensive endpoint systems management. Capabilities include streamlined OS provisioning, automated network discovery of software and hardware inventory, asset management, endpoint security and patching, application software distribution and maintenance, and a fully integrated service desk. And you can manage virtually all network-connected devices, including Windows®, Mac®, Linux® and UNIX® machines, Chromebooks, and network-connected non-computing devices.




Kace systems management


Comprehensive systems management for any network-connected device
Streamline IT asset management, secure network-connected devices, and service end-user systems more efficiently. It’s all possible with the industry’s only appliance-based comprehensive endpoint systems management solution built for growing organizations. With the KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA), you can:
• Accurately inventory all hardware and software
• Reduce risk of security breaches with automated patching of mission-critical applications and operating systems
• Assure software license compliance
Easy to use and fast to implement, the KACE SMA gives you more time to innovate. How? By automating endpoint management and endpoint protection of your increasing variety and number of devices. And, to add more value to your endpoint systems management solution, explore KACE Essential Services.


Inventory and IT asset management


Save time while seeing exactly what is connected to your network. Discover and inventory all hardware and software network-wide, including laptops, desktops, servers, storage devices, Chromebooks, and network connected non-computer devices. Streamline inventory and asset management by eliminating manual maintenance, security, reporting and hardware refreshes.

Software license management


Ensure software license compliance the KACE SMA’s inventory, asset management and compliance reporting capabilities. Accurately track and manage software assets and upgrade/downgrade rights with the Application Catalog. Own the entire software license management lifecycle with general availability, end-of-life dates, and manufacturer’s suggested retail price information for the most popular software titles.

Patch management and security


Gain more time in your day while securing your environment with automated patch management for operating systems and applications. Deploy patches from one of the largest patch libraries in the industry. Assess, identify and lock down endpoint security vulnerabilities

Software distribution


Remotely distribute and install applications and digital assets to Windows, Mac and Linux computers and servers, eliminating the time and hassle of traveling to multiple locations. The remote replication share is easy to set up and maintain, and dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of software distribution across a multi-site organization


Chromebook management


Get comprehensive hardware and OS inventory and asset lifecycle management, integrated with help desk, for Chromebooks. Improve service desk efficiency with Chromebooks inventory integrated into ticketing and alerts.

Service desk


Improve the user experience with an integrated service desk, as well as a user self-service portal that gives end users the ability to solve many basic requests. Provide service desk with granular SLA controls that are integrated with asset management processes and workflows. Integration with the KACE Go Mobile App gives remote access to both administrators and end users

Server management and monitoring


Provide server monitoring and management for more consistent availability of business-critical applications. Perform asset management and log monitoring of servers, integrated with alerts, reporting and service desk.

Efficient systems administration


Leverage an integrated console for an easy-to-use, single-pane-of-glass administrative interface with a dynamic set of administrative functions.


KACE Go Mobile App


Access the KACE SMA from mobile devices using the KACE Go Mobile App and have the freedom to work wherever you’re most effective. The app also allows your end users to submit service desk tickets, access knowledge base and check on existing ticket status using their mobile devices.

Multiple deployment options


Choose to deploy the KACE SMA as a physical or virtual appliance if your organization is looking for an on-premises solution, or as a hosted virtual appliance if you are interested in a hosted option.





Maximize the effectiveness of your KACE appliances with these optional add-ons and support tools.

RayPackTM KACE Edition
Package and repackage software applications with RayPackTM KACE Edition. Get a one-year license of this powerful repackaging tool for creating customized application deployments.


Tranxition profile migration solution
Migrate user profiles on 50 systems free with Tranxition Migration Manager. This premium solution to user profile migration is fast, secure and supports a wide range of third party software applications.


JumpStart training
Join these web-based accelerated implementation and training program for KACE Endpoint Systems Management Appliances to master advanced systems management tasks quickly and effectively.



Kace systems Deployments



Fast, automated OS provisioning


Save time by automating Windows® and Mac® disk imaging and image deployment. Easily build and maintain gold master images for multi-platform OS imaging and deployments. Improve consistency and reliability by storing all system and software deployment assets — including images, scripted installations, drivers, applications and scripts. Ensure the correct image or setup is always deployed to the appropriate systems, enhancing both IT and user productivity.


System Imaging and Deployment


Save time and simplify Windows® and Mac® disk imaging and image deployment with the KACE SDA.

Automated Deployments


Get true lights-off automated deployment with the KACE SDA’s powerful automated deployment tools.

Remote Site Management


Reduce the time it takes to manage systems at multiple off-site locations with the remote administration and management capabilities of the virtual KACE SDA Remote Site Appliance



Streamline your large-scale systems imaging projects with the KACE SDA’s powerful multicasting capabilities.


Windows User State Management


Simplify migrations by automatically deploying user-specific files and settings along with the operating system and applications — and virtually eliminate the risk of losing critical information.



Gain more time in your day and reduce complexity by addressing all of your systems recovery, deployment and provisioning needs with a single solution.